Academic Services


Services for Academics:

 When you are writing an academic paper, you can be too close to the material to spot errors. I can help you produce a document with correct spelling, grammar,punctuation, wording and formatting. If you are writing a journal article, a research paper or a book chapter I can help you by:

  • checking for errors and inconsistencies in spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • suggesting where unclear sentences might need to be rewritten
  • suggesting how to shorten long sentences 
  • checking that section headings, as well as those for equations, tables, figures, charts, graphs and appendices, are consistent and numbered consecutively and that sources are given where necessary
  • cross-checking in-text references to tables, figures and charts
  • checking the formatting of footnotes or endnotes
  • cross-checking references and in-text citations
  • checking the format and spelling of reference lists and bibliographies. 

Send me your work in Word, and I will return it to you with any suggested amendments and queries using track changes. You can then decide whether these should be accepted or rejected.
Helpful hints and tips on working with track changes:

 How to use track changes when working with an editor