Privacy Policy & GDPR


Privacy Policy

I am a registered sole-trader operating under the name Turnbull Editorial, and provide freelance proofreading services.

The EU’s General Data Protection Policy (GDPR) came into effect in May 2018. GDPR lays down requirements for businesses when handling their clients’ data. This privacy policy describes how I handle the personal data that I collect from my clients.

What personal data do I collect?

If you contact me by email, I will collect your name, email address, information contained in your email signature and any information you provide relating to the project you are contacting me about. I will also collect your phone number if you contact me by phone or text.

If we agree that I will work on your project, I will collect your postal address as I need to show this on my invoice to comply with the requirements of HMRC (the UK tax authority). I will also collect any files you send me to work on and any other information you choose to send me.

How do I store your personal data and for how long?

I keep your emails in my password-protected business email account. A PIN is required to access emails on my mobile devices. Working files are stored on the hard drive of my password-protected computer.

To comply with the requirements of HMRC, I keep your name and address in my accounting and invoice records for at least six years. I keep your working files for a similar length of time but will delete these sooner if you so require or as part of general file housekeeping, as long as I am complying with the law.

How do I use your personal data?

I use your data to contact you about your enquiry or the project we are working on and to comply with the requirements of HMRC.

I do not share your data with anyone else unless you give me your written permission to do so, or I am required to do so by law. I do not generally sub-contract work to anyone else, but if this becomes a possibility due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. illness or other emergency), I will only do so with your written permission.

I may ask you to provide a testimonial for my website or directory entries, or ask if I can include the name of your organisation in a list of recent clients, but I will only publish this information with your permission.

If you contact me via the contact form on my website, the data in your message is automatically forwarded to my email address and the data is stored in the same way as for other emails (see above).

My website contains links to other websites. I have no control over these websites and I have no responsibility for how they may handle any data or information you provide to them.